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Images from Bruce Parmenter's past
In high school I majored in electronics, and minored in science and math. Back then, vacuum tubes were out, transistors were in, and IC chips were just beginning to be manufactured.

The morning of the first day as a freshman student, there was a school-wide wake procession in front of the school for the class 1965 seniors that had come back in body bags from the Vietnam War. It was quite a wake-up-call to all the male students of what their after-graduation future would be.
Though I had high grades and the interest to attend College, I had no parental support to do so. With the Vietnam War in its eleventh year, I joined the Air Force to keep from being drafted into the Army or Marines. Coming home from the war, I found people spitting on me for being a veteran, gasoline prices very high, and the City of Sunnyvale had sold my High School a couple years after I graduated. -more-
After learning to not put I was a veteran on my resume, I was quickly hired into hi-tech positions. Later, I was lucky enough to be hired by HP. I am an avid gardener, shown here in my plot of white popcorn as President of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Garden Club in Cupertino, CA.

I would pop an ear of harvested and dried popcorn kernels for each afternoon break while working at Cupertino HP. The whole Electronic Maintenance (computer repair) shop technicians (~40 of them) enjoyed munching my popcorn. -more-
EV parking spot for charging my 1985 S-10 Chevy Blazer Electric conversion while at work at the Hewlett-Packard in Sunnyvale, CA. In the early 1990's driving an EV was almost unheard of. I charged my EV at home with a long cord from my Sunnyvale Apt. I took over for the first three HP-labs engineers that ask HP Co-Founder Bill Hewlett to put in EV charging at work. Bill Hewlett was so impressed, he put it in the employee's guidelines for all HP sites. I as able to put in orders for EV charging at hp sites that had employees driving EVs.

In 1990's, I promoted Electric Vehicles (EVs) to turn gear-head mind's around to accept EVs, a couple of my HP coworkers posed as "Car Kittens". It worked very well and I used those images for several years. My thanks to those co-workers.

Close-up image used on EV web sites all over the Internet, and included in my Press Credentials as Editor of the Electric Vehicle List News. All my non-profit activities was gaining me visibility, both outside and inside HP.
In December 1994, I was part of the news media at EVS12 held at the Anaheim, CA Disneyland Hotel. The sign holding was in response to a News Reporter (PJ) that stated the whole EVS12 event was only interesting to tree hugging, eco-dweeb, nerds, and not to the 'real public' (more Oil & Auto Company paid 'EVs will never work' rhetoric). The EV shown lower right was the Renaissance Cars Tropica on display out on the EVS12 show floor (later called Zebra, then Xebra).
My long legs made me a strong hiker. See the Northern California Pinnacles in the background. I also enjoyed hiking: Sanborn's mountain trails, Castle Rock State Park, HP's private Little Basin, the public Big Basin State Park, nearby Butano State Park, and Tennessee Valley Beach which does not have sand but small pebbles from its two cliff's of different colored rock. People would (illegally) pick through them to make hippy jewelry.
NBEAA meeting in 1994 that met in Petaluma, CA. The left EV is a 70's vintage Sebring Citicar EV (aka Cheese wedge), and on the right Chuck Hursch's VW Rabbit EV conversion. The image was taken by a local newspaper and then later the paper black and white photograph was scanned into an image file.
May 4, 1996 at the San Francisco SFBear EV Rally held at the San Francisco Presidio, see the Golden Gate Bridge in background. It was a challenge to find enough charging to get up to SF from Sunnyvale. This was before there were public EV charging stations.
At a running event in the Almaden/San Jose, CA area, EVs were asked to come display and be the pace vehicles so runners would not have to breath fuel-car exhaust fumes. In the 1990's more and more EV drivers were asked to give their time to come to events, display and talk about their EVs.
Stored the new Eco-Electric Chevy S-10 truck Electric Vehicle conversion at the Sunnyvale Hewlett-Packard for a nearby EV show. Their EV came straight from their Arizona conversion shop for an EV show in San Jose, CA.
At a East Bay EAA Rally, many EVs charged off 440VAC 400 amp 3-phase BART power fed through step-down transformers mounted on a towable trailer. Most EVs charged off the 110 or 220 VAC provided from the trailer's transformers. We had 20 EVs charging off BART power (with permission, of course).
This Chinese Delegation on Mega Trends (Megatrends) at the S. San Francisco Crown Plaza Hotel is one of many EV speaking engagements I have done. I have also spoken at companies on how to do a cost effective EV charging spot installation at work sites.
Before the public had affordable Internet access, I would print off the color web pages of EVs and show them to the public in the binder shown. Here I am speaking to a group of S. SF youngsters about EVs at the SF Peninsula EAA Chapter EV Show held at the Tanforan Shopping Center in 1997.
May 2000, I rode my zappy electric scooter at the CARB workshop#2 held at the S. California AQMD office in Rosemead, CA to show arriving EVs where to park at the site's EV chargers. When I asked the employees that were laughing and chiding me for riding it around why their parking lot was full of polluting SUVs and not cleaner vehicles, they quickly stopped laughing and left. Obviously, SCAQMD employees are not serious about pollution as the Sacramento AQMD employees were at the CARB workshop#1. This is the same escooter I rode at the electric scooter derby in Livermore, CA.

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